About Teresa


My mission is to help my clients discover how to  slow down and stop spinning their wheels, wasting their time being busy but never getting anything important done. Always feeling that their lives are very overwhelmed and ordinary.  I help my audience and my clients recognize their own strengths and skills so they can develop out their REALIFE Process™.  Life can be Xtra-ordinary when we know the plan for these three areas! Our REALIFE™, REALWORK™ and  REALSELF™!


Getting very real with myself made it clear to me that I needed to begin to take stock of my strengths and my challenges. I was introduced to a great tool called the Enneagram – a Personality Style Assessment that helped me gain great insight into the way I think, feel and take action. I began to know my REALSELF™ for the first time in my life.  Once I begin to step out of the crazy cycle of productivity and self help into a healthier way of living my everyday ordinary I could start living my REALIFE™.  Once that piece was in place I was able to put my vision into a great productivity system that I have created called the REALWORK™ that moves my business forward 90 days at a time. Now I serve my audience, my clients and my community by helping put the REALIFE Process™ into place in their lives as well!  REALIFE matters! Every Xtra-ordinary day!

Now I’m passionate about speaking, training and coaching business leaders and entrepreneurs to assess their habits and execute a REALIFE™ Process for doing more of what matters. I am trained to use tools such as the Enneagram and 12 Week Year™, to serve through speaking, mastermind group training, conferences and retreats, to understand their unique talents, values and life mission and become leaders who take their everyday ordinary lives and make them xtra-ordinary productive lives as leaders and entrepreneurs that do what matters.

It is not enough to know. There is a big difference between knowing, and doing. The barrier standing between you and the life you are capable of living is a lack of consistent execution.  We get caught up in the everyday ordinary life and become bound up in our to do list. Effective execution will set you free. It is THE  path to accomplish the things you desire. The Xtra-ordinary life that is yours to live!

I created the REALIFE™ Process  to help you live at your at your best each and every day.  We all have ordinary days but I found the choices I make on those ordinary days are what make my life Xtra-ordinary. Whether you are trying to increase your income, start a business, lose weight or improve a relationship, having a REALIFE™ Process will show you how to take consistent action over the next 90 days to move you and your business to the next level.

Stop chasing new ideas and discover the secret of truly accomplishing your dreams and desires.


I had tried it all – every book, software and app to help me be more productive. I’ll admit it. I was addicted to productivity and self help. I felt if I could just find the right system, I’d be so much more productive. If I could just read the right self help I’d be a better version of me. After years on this crazy cycle I finally hit a wall and had to make a change.  My patterns of destructive behavior were costing me in all areas of my life. I was losing passion for my work, my relationships were falling apart and I never seemed to have any time for my family.

It hit me like a bolt of lightning. I had to choose something different! My first step to being more productive was to really STOP worrying about getting everything done or doing it better and figure out why I had these patterns of behavior.


I bring over 30 years of experience to both speaking and coaching.  I have been a solopreneur and a leader in both business and ministry giving me a wide range of experience leading teams, managing multiple projects and juggling systems at the same time.  I am a proud member of the Nationals Speakers Association, CCNI and the International Coaching Federation. I am on track to complete my coaching certification with both PCCI and the ICF by the end of this year. I serve on the Great Lakes Enneagram Board of Directors and Currently, I serve as a Mentorr for our local 2017 CEO Entrepreneur program for High School Seniors. I am also a  member of my local Chamber of Commerce. I have certification both as an Enneagram MOS Practitioner and the 12 Week Year™ Trainer.

As a Trainer and Coach with the 12 Week Year™ my mission is helping business leaders and entrepreneurs to assess both their strengths and challenges and learn to execute an Individualized Productivity System (IPS) for doing more of what matters.  My training and certification in the 12 Week Year™ the MOS Enneagram® Personality Profile and OneLife Maps™ allows us to partner together as client and coach to create your own IPS. Having these things in place you can get back to doing what matters with a whole new level of productivity. I serve my clients through one-on-one coaching,  group coaching, online training and One Day on sight presentations..

“I like working with Teresa as a coach because she is confident and clear in her communication. She is a great listener and allows me the space I need to process through things. However, she also asks great questions that make me think more deeply, challenge my perspective, and get to the core of an issue. She helps me to clarify my thoughts and put substantial action in place that will bring me closer to my goals”.
Jennifer Freeman

On a Personal Note

I have been married to my husband Dale for 35 years and we live on a 3rd generation family grain farm in Central Illinois.  We have two children, one dog and one grand-dog.  When I’m not on the road speaking or  working with clients, I enjoy cooking, gardening, a great cup of coffee with a friend and traveling as much as possible!  Now that I am living and leading my passion, the magic and joy has returned to my  everyday ordinary REALIFE™!  It has been and continues to be a process I am enjoying everyday.

I want you to feel the joy too. I’m here to help you because, after all, you’re worth it and you deserve success. Having the right operating system such as the REALIFE™ Process to help you get unstuck, will most assuredly move you forward successfully in your life and in your business! Let’s have a conversation soon!