The Enneagram Personality Assessment Tool

   It is  all about paying attention to the best asset you were given and that asset is your OWN SELF!  Think about these statements. How many can you answer with a YES?


1.I am able to communicate effectively at work and with my family so others truly understand what I mean and say.

2. I can give constructive feedback in such a way that people do not feel defensive and it can actually help improve their performance or give encouragement.

3. I know how to develop my own behaviors or those of my team to increase their performance.

4. I understand my own strengths and weakness well as a leader.

5. I know how to develop practical and powerful goals and action steps to customize my work style to be my best self.

Few people can say YES to all of these questions. However through the use of the Enneagram all these skills and more can be developed to bring out your best self both at work and in your personal life.  It is a tool that will help you to increase your IQ, your EQ and your GQ. The development of these 3 centers gives us the tools to transform how we think, act and feel to be our best self!

Emotional Intelligence


Emotional Intelligence is a combination of two factors: intrapersonal intelligence, which is the ability to understand, accept, and manage oneself, and interpersonal intelligence, the capacity to work effectively with a wide variety of other people. Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is fast becoming the single greatest predictor of success in every occupation and industry across the globe, outdistancing IQ and on-the job experience. The reason traditional IQ is not an effective predictor of success is twofold: in most occupations, a certain minimal level of IQ is needed, but IQs higher than that bear little relationship to professional success. In addition, there are many individuals who have high IQs but lack the social skills and ability to adapt to their circumstances that are required in every occupation.

On-the-job experience matters, but only to a certain degree. Again, most occupations require a certain level of experience – often determined by number of years in the profession – to be proficient or masterful, but after the minimum is met, there is little relationship between years on the job and professional success. For example, computer programmers may need a minimum of three years of experience while surgeons may need six years, but after that time period, professional effectiveness and success cannot be measured by years on the job. What matters more is what someone has learned from the experience he or she has had. Some individuals have thirty-five years of work experience but do the same thing day after day. Others in the same profession with five years of experience are continuously reflecting and learning from their successes and mistakes. These latter individuals usually have a far higher degree of EQ.

Some believe that EQ cannot be taught, that we either have it or we don’t. However, the Enneagram system can help people develop EQ, illuminating our patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving, helping us to become more aware and responsible for our own reactions, and showing us how the styles different from our own are equally valid. Most important, the Enneagram is a developmental system that gives us specific development activities that work best for our style that allow us to enhance our EQ and to also develop specific skills in areas such as communication, interpersonal relationships, feedback, conflict, teamwork, decision making, strategic thinking, and leadership.

As a Certified Enneagram Practitioner I am passionate about serving my clients through the tool of the Enneagram.  I highly recommend taking the Enneagram Assessment and using it as a way developing your best self so you can move towards the things that really matter both in your Business and Personal Life.

If you would like to take the Enneagram Assessment and process it in an 1 Hour Enneagram One to One Strategy Call the cost is $99. Fill out the information to receive an email to get started discovering how to develop your best self!


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