What is the REALIFE Productivity Process™?

The REALIFE Productivity Process™ is a 12 week Group Coaching Process that can help YOU know your REALSELF and then create your own 90 Productivity Process. Your new REALIFE Productivity Process will move you forward toward your deepest dreams and desires. Each week for 13 weeks you will have a 70 minute group video call with no more than 8 people and learn to implement the entire system called “The Xtra-ordinary 90,” your new Productivity System for an Xtra-ordinary life. Using the Enneagram as a Personal Personality Guide, we will put together the path to follow and identify your dreams & desires, set up your X-90 projects, put your projects into action steps for the next 90 days and create your personal weekly time plan. Then you will learn how to review, renew & rest so you don’t lose energy during the process. The best part is you won’t be doing any of this alone!

As a Certified Coach and Trainer and Enneagram Practitioner I will guide you step by step through the entire 13 weeks where we will spend time learning how to implement your own “X-90 System”. 

Each week we will talk together as a group and learn from one another as you discover the best tools and system to make your REALIFE Productivity Process one that is both personal and productive and customized just for you.

Teresa McCloy’s process is wonderful! I am currently a part of the process and it is incredible. The material comes alive with Teresa’s teaching. The group experience is a great value add to the learning process.  I’m enjoying learning from and being encouraged by others! I know that this will be a program “that sticks” and becomes part of my go forward success!

Greg Vance, Business Coach - careermeetspurpose.com

In addition to learning the 5 Step X-90 Productivity Process

We also walk through these valuable topics that will show you how to work at your highest level of productivity using the following tools and resources:

  • Your Personal Enneagram Personality Assessment
  • Identify Your Dreams & Desires
  • Planning Your 90 Day Projects and Action Steps
  • Creating Your Model Week
  • Time Blocking on Your Digital or Paper Calendar
  • Identifying Your Key Relationships 
  • Learning how to allow time for Self Care and Soul Care 
  • Adding Rituals to your Day 
  • Harmony in Productivity with the tool of the Enneagram

REALIFE Productivity Process™ BONUSES VALUED at $800

  • BONUS # 1  An Enneagram Personality Assessment will be sent to you for FREE before we start the group.  $100
  • BONUS # 2  Receive a 50 minute Strategy Session with me during the last 6 wks. of the group! $200
  • BONUS # 3  Extra Resources for Creating Weekly Routines and Rituals, Planning Your Model Week and more! $500


  • The REALIFE Productivity Process™ groups are small, no more than 6 people in each group. You will grow a great community and network with likeminded people.

  • You will have all the tools you need to succeed and each video session will be recorded so you can listen again and again!

  • I’ll be there too as your REALIFE Process™ Coach, encouraging and providing all the tools and support you need to master the next 90 days. It is a WIN from all angles as you learn to be productive in your REALIFE which can now be Xtra-ordinary!


The Next REALIFE Productivity Process™ Group

Please answer the questions below. You will be contacted for a 30 minute call to answer any questions you might have. 

THE NEXT REALIFE Productivity Process™

will be starting the week of JANUARY 15th & 22nd 2018 

–The 13 week REALIFE Productivity™ Process Group

is $600 when paid in Full

or you will be invoiced 3 payments of $250.

“The group has given me the structure I need, with the freedom I desire. It has detail, which I need, but not so much that I get overwhelmed and give up. Teresa has helped me stay focused on the big rocks so my most important work gets done!”

Rhonda Peterson - Masterpiece Catalyst Executive Coach